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Declaration of the Modern Olympic Truce

«After this he tells them that Heracles founded the Olympian games and truce as a proof of his real preference.»

Polybius Histories, 12, 26, 2

«Then Lycurgus the Lacedaemonian … and Iphitos, an Elean … and Kleosthenes, a Pisatan, … wished to restore the populace to concord and peace. They decided to celebrate the Olympic festival according to ancient customs and to complete an athletic contest. They sent men to Delphi to inquire of the god whether he approved of their doing this. The god replied that things would be better for them doing this. He also ordered them to announce a truce to the cities that wished to participate in the contest.»
Phlegon, fragments 1,4 (F.Gr.Hist., 257 F 1,4)

On the occasion of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, and the Lighting of the Olympic Flame, and bearing in mind what was passed on to us from ancient Greek letters, of which the above fragments are the most characteristic,

the undersigned mayors of Olympia, Ilida and Sparta, inspired by our revered forebears and following the example of Kleosthenes, Iphitos and Lycurgus, today symbolically renew, in the birthplace of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Ideals, and declare to all the world the sacred agreement of antiquity, the Olympic Truce.

In the presence of prominent representatives of the local, national and global community and of the Olympic Movement, who co-sign the present declaration in the city where ancient mythology and tradition meet modern history,

we ask that weapons be laid down and that all hostilities be ceased around the world, throughout the period from the seventh day before the start of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games until the seventh day following the end of the XII Paralympic Winter Games, to be held in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea, so that we bring the world together in a safe and peaceful environment, and let the Olympic Games inspire the citizens of the world, and the present and future young generations, around peace.

In: http://petition.olympictruce.org/

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Story | by Dr. Radut